This was a pure exploratative project, we didn't have a concept, no script, no nothing.
The idea was to create a little fun flick using a fancy location where people were and just go at it doing whatever worked best.
Choreography was all done on spot and the story developed bit after bit.
We started shooting in 2006 and basically wanted to wrap up quickly. At that time, the little Zidane parody could still have worked well.. :)
Unfortunately, Fukuyoshi injured his ligament pretty severly and we had to pause for quite a while.
As if this wasn't enough bad luck, we could only continue shooting early this year because Michael had broken his arm during Kung Fu training in Nov. last year! Damn, he sure had to take a looong break! In fact he did the rest of the shooting with a titanium rod still in his left arm!!
Slowly, this film developed into a pretty long thing with lots of ideas flowing together. And before we had realized, we had put in quite a lot of effort which turned this into a nice long 10 min. short with funky characters and over-the-top comedy! :D