We started working on microPLOT in mid 2005 already, but when we concentrated on finishing Monkey Tale we couldn’t get around wrapping up action for this movie.
So basically, this movie was pretty much done exept for the end fight when Monkey Tale was released.
Since Fuku injured his foot during shooting on another small project, we could only start shooting the action late in 2006 when we had already finished principal shooting for Wattasakka!
In order to enhace certain plot aspects of the movie, Hide decided to add some additional matte paintings for the intro and other visual FX which took another 2 weeks.
This time we were lucky enough to remain totally undisturbed during shooting on all the different subway stations.
The endfight is fairly standard modern kick-boxing, nothing fancy and rather taking on a supporting role for the story which certainly needs some thorough inspection in order to get your head around it...
You might call it experimental if you will, but you’ll see.
Eduard who had his debut role in microPLOT, did a great job on the score with just the right mood.
Some further points on the plot:
the title is very suggestive in itself - on the one hand it's a storyline that is going on beneath the surface, it's micro-scopic if you will. Also, plot means conspiracy which gives an idea of what this is all about.
The voice character on the phone is not the Fukuyoshi-character Hideyoshi is fighting at the end.
Interpretation plays a key role in giving a certain meaning to the film, it's not for those people who don't like to think when watching a movie.
While it's pretty difficult to pinpoint a definitive plot, there is a rounded up storyline as a basis to the whole story and it wasn't just a nonsense story with plot elements tied together without purpose.