Okay, there it is: the first part of Martial Impact -"Monkey Tale"! As you might know Martial Impact (MI) was initially planned to feature 2 short films with very different genres and action styles. Monkey Tale is one of them and Microplot is the other one. We couldn't manage to complete the action shots for the latter but we plan to do this in the future. Microplot will then be uploaded as a separate shortfilm OR we will reconnect both stories in one single file again.
We tried to put in very much action this time, the endfight is pretty long. No undercranking at all although some takes look faster than others. That's due to the complexity of certain moves; modern stuff is much easier to perform for instance... This time we kinda tried to go for the Shaw brothers look, Sammo still remains as one of our greatest examples, though. The endfight could have used a little more acrobatic stuff, but since we already had an acrobatic-intro, we went for pure choreo mainly.
Dolly came in quite handy for some moves, but it was a real pain to get it to the location.
The animation and special fx occupied a great part of the post production. We incorporated some matte paintings for the first time, especially for Microplot.
We could rely on Eduard in terms of music and camera and he did a really good job!
Ok, 'nuff said, go watch!!!!    
11/27/05 The YM